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Workplace Relations

The term Workplace Relations is relatively recent to Australia (believe it or not). For most of our history as a nation the relationships forged between employers, employees and trade unions were collectively known as Industrial Relations. The conservative Federal government of the late 1990s/early 2000s was having none of that! In aid of a program to reduce the influence of trade unions in the economy the government decided on a name change. The term Workplace Relations was coined in order to further that goal. History will decide whether the goal was achieved.

What is important is that in reading this website you know that you can connect with us as the premier professional advisor to employers in the workplace relations/industrial relations field. We have been doing this consistently for over 36 years and our experience and skill is second to none. Whether it is trade union disputes, enterprise bargaining, unfair dismissal claims, or any other aspect of relationships in places of employment, Workplace Advisory Group will provide a solution for you.

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