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Employment Law

For many years Australia had the Conciliation and Arbitration Act. It aptly described the two functions of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission which was itself dissolved in 2010 and replaced by the current Fair Work Commission whose task it is to deal with matters raised under the Fair Work Act 2009.

If you are reading this website then you will have a need or an interest in obtaining advice on some aspect of employment law in Australia. After 36 years of advising on just that Workplace Advisory Group remains the premier independent professional advisor on employment law. We aren’t a big law firm and we aren’t an industry association (although we represent a number of them). Our advice is geared to what is in our client’s best interests. That is the only agenda item as far as we are concerned.

Whether it is Enterprise Agreements, Unfair Dismissal Claims, General Protections Claims, disputes with trade unions, Workplace Health and Safety prosecutions, discrimination claims, investigations by the Fair Work Ombudsman, we are there to advise, represent and find a solution. That is what we do.

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